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"Plain Jane"

$ 5.50 USD

Indulge in a mouth watering caramel apple. Our caramel is buttery and creamy.

Swirled Rods

$ 6.00 USD

Not just any ordinary pretzel rods Their triple decadent and dipped in three types of chocolate. 3 rods


$ 4.00 USD

An amazing crunchy candy coating. Sink your teeth into an old favorite.

M & M Rods

$ 6.00 USD

Select our M & M's coated pretzel chocolate dipped pretzel rods if your looking for a fun tasty treat. 3 rods

Deluxe Kit

$ 6.95 USD

Each kit includes everything you need to make six delicious, flavored, crunchy candy apples.

Cookie Rods

$ 6.00 USD

You won't be able to resist our cookies and cream chocolate dipped pretzel rods. 3 rods