Artisan Apples

Our selection features a line of assorted artisan flavored candy coated and premium caramel dipped apples, which are in high demand. Each handpicked fancy Granny Smith apple is hand dipped in a crunchy flavored candy coating or swirled in our buttery creamy caramel for your enjoyment. 

Steps to Ordering Delicious Apples

Step 1: Choose a mouthwatering flavor(s).
Step 2: "Order a minimum of 6 apples of the same flavor."
Step 3: Checkout
Step 4: Wait for your delicious apples to arrive and enjoy!

If you would like to purchase a larger quantity please e-mail us at: 

"OC" Original Cherry

$ 4 USD

This is the old fashioned favorite that you grew up loving. The original flavored apple.



$ 4.00 USD

Sink your teeth into a cinnamon flavored candy apple.



$ 4.00 USD

Yum yum bubblegum! Apples come in bubblegum flavors and colors.



$ 4.00 USD

You'll crave our blueberry apple. It will taste like your eating a bowl of fresh blueberries.



$ 4.00 USD

Enjoy a burst of delicious strawberry.


Green Apple

$ 4.00 USD

It’s not just a fall favorite. Enjoy the taste of perfectly ripe, crispy apple all year long.



$ 4.00 USD

Have a taste of the island with this deliciousl apple.



$ 4.00 USD

Taste paradise with one bite with our mouthwatering mango flavored candy apple.



$ 4 USD

Enjoy this summertime treat all year long.



$ 4 USD

If you love root beer this is for you.


Pink Lemonade

$ 4 USD

Our pink lemonade flavored apple will be a burst of flavor in your mouth. Try it today.


Cinderella Slipper

$ 5 USD

The Cinderella slipper apple comes in any flavor and you can customize your candy slipper too.


Candied Pear

$ 6 USD

Candy dipping is not just for candy apples anymore. Our candied pears are a unique treat that comes in the same flavors and colors as our candy apples.


 Premium Specialty Apples

Nutty Jan

$ 6.00 USD

You have never had a caramel apple as decadent as this. Covered in freshly crushed peanuts.

Chocolate Swirl

$ 8.95 USD

Indulge in this delicious caramel apple dipped in milk chocolate and swirled in white chocolate.

Milky Splendor

$ 7.95 USD

Milk chocolate surrounds our famous caramel and an Extra Fancy apple. One of our most popular apples. A chocolate lover's delight! 

Cookies & Cream

$ 8.95 USD

Our cookies and cream apple is a caramel apple dipped in milk or white chocolate, rolled in crushed cookies, and drizzled in milk and white chocolate.

Plain Jane

$ 5.50 USD

Sink your teeth into a tasty plain Jane caramel apple. Our caramel is buttery, creamy, and delicious.

Almond Delight

$ 9.95 USD

Milk chocolate lovers look no further! Our delectable creation starts with an extra juicy granny smith apple. It is then dipped in creamy caramel and milk chocolate then rolled in slivered almonds. 

Nutty Paradise

$ 9.95 USD

An Extra Fancy apple is hand- dipped in our famous rich caramel, rolled in premium peanuts and M & M's smothered in milk chocolate.

Nutter Butter

$ 9.95 USD

Enjoy our nutter butter caramel apple dipped in our decadent carmel and milk chocolate then rolled in crushed nutter butter cookies.