Our Story

Miss Birdsong's Sweet Tooth was created as a partnership between Tabitha Birdsong and Pamela Collins, two college friends who both share a love for sweets. So one day we decided to settle our sweet tooth cravings by making candy apples. But not just any ordinary candy apples. We created an insane assortment of "The Original" flavored candy coated and caramel apples in 35 incredible flavors and colors.

We began our business in 2010 setting up with a tent and banner in toe at gas stations in our neighborhood. Today, our awesome artisan apples are in Cash Saver, a local grocery store, the national big box chain; Sam's Club, numerous events at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, Incredible Pizza Company, and we ship our delicious apples across the United States. In addition, we handcraft our apples as favors for occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, festivals, family reunions, fundraisers and many more!